How to Install Ondumit Roof Tiles?

With a wide range of accessories and ease of installation, Ondumit roof tiles are suitable to install on all roof types.

Installation of  Roof Scaffold

Please note that the slope of the roof should be at least 15 and at most 35 degrees. The purlin space must be 66cm.

Installation Of Main Tile

Start installing the tiles from the long sides. Installation should be started from the opposite direction of the typical prevailing winds. Always install the bottom row first. If you will cover the eaves, install the bottom row with the eaves cover units. The sheets should be overlapped facing away from the typical prevailing winds. A sheet on a higher row should always be overlapped one wave to the sheet under it. Always check that the overlapped sheets are sitting tight on their positions.

While installing the sheets on the second row, crossover of four sheets should be avoided. To do so, you can cut the first sheet in this row by two or three waves in lengthways. Ondumit products can be easily cut by a toothless circular saw.

Installation of the triangle sides should be started from the middle, and continued towards the edges.

How to Fix the Screws

We recommend installing the Ondumit sheets only with the self-tapping coach screws provided by Ondumit, available both for metal and wooden purlins. Before fixing a screw, drill a hole 2mm wider than the screw diameter. Screws should be fixed perpendicular to the sheets with a torque adjustable drill. After tightening a screw loosen it a round. Over-tightening will damage the sheets and reduce durability. Fix screws on all overlapping waves and use minimum 8 screws per each square meter. Always aim the purlins. Do not install the screws on last waves until the next sheet or accessory is in place.

How to Install the Accessories

Start installing the accessories only after finishing the main tiles’ installation. Cut the first top ridge tile by three waves to avoid crossover of four units. Overlap top ridge tiles by one wave.

The long side of the three way ridge must be overlapped to the top ridge tile.

Side ridge tiles should be installed in bottom to top direction. Lastly install the end ridge.

Installation on Different Roof Types

If the roof ends in a wall abutment, you can use Ondumit flashing units to finish installation.

On gable or such roofs, you can cover the sides with Ondumit bargeboards.

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